Who we are

Like a lot of people, and probably you reading this page, we are beer lovers. We wanted to make great beer locally to share with friends and to make a few along the way. From day one we set ourselves the goal of creating beer that can hold it's own in the competitive Craft Beer industry and to bring something different to our City.

How did it all begin?

Aside of our lifetime love of great beer, our journey began at CAMRA's Chelmsford Beer Festivals where we volunteered each year in the mid 2010's and found ourselves wanting more as we explored modern craft beer styles across the UK and Europe which were never featured at the festival.

Thankfully, with the help of the then festival manager Graham we launched the first Keg Bar at the Summer Festival in 2017. Graham trusted us to choose all the beer for the festival and for the first time we were able to feature modern craft beer styles you wouldn't usually see at our summer beer festivals.

The bar was an incredible success, the team that worked with us attested to the fact they had never worked so hard at a Summer Beer Festival because of the demand at our bar. We had a fantastic time serving the public something new. Kudos to Graham and C&ME CAMRA for taking a leap of faith and letting us bring modern craft beer to the festival.

At this point we were just homebrewing, but we had our brand in mind and registered the company as Radio City in October 2017 as a first step in our dedication to making our brewery a reality.

Whats next for Radio City?

We wanted to launch our our Taproom, which we achieved in July 2022, and have very quickly realised that we can't keep up with demand, so our next step is to expand our production, allowing us to provide more beer for our Taproom, but also to get back into small-pack. Part of this will include growing our team in Chelmsford and creating some exciting opportunities for the right people.

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