Our Second Home

Launching this weekend for @thealehousechelmsford 10th Birthday Beer Festival, Our Second Home is a Juicy Pale Ale brewed to the specifications set by the team at The Ale House and will start to be available as a permanent feature on the tap they built for us last year.

This brew, produced with Oats, Wheat and an ultra low flocculating yeast is a light, opaque, juicy pale ale which will feature an ever rotating hops each time it is brewed to allow something fresh to be on tap each time a new batch is released. The first of which is an Idaho 7 x Strata combination (two of our favourites!) that presents wonderfully juicy and sweet flavours of sweet melon, mango and passionfruit.

We hope to see you down there this weekend, Thursday 14th til Sunday 17th April!

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